Top Ten Working Comedians

Ok, I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit on here. Ranting is fun and all, and revealing things about myself is liberating, but I don’t want it to get stale. So, one of many things I’m going to do on here is start doing “top ten” lists. I’m considering getting my own website, so I have to make it more interesting. Also, if anyone at all has suggestions on any more top ten topics, or any idea at all, please feel free to share. Tweet me, email, text, whatever. Let’s get started…

10 – Doug Stanhope

This dude is fearless. He’ll say anything he thinks is funny. He will go to the darkest corners of the mind and say it on stage, and make it hilarious. On one of his specials he has a bit where he talks about internet porn, and cock-fingering videos. Think about it.

9 – Joe Rogan

I have a soft spot for him, since he is the color commentator for the UFC. He’s a great comic anyway though. His style is very imaginative, probably due to his heavy pot smoking, and psychedelic drug use. Hey, whatever works.

8 – Jim Norton

As dirty as they come. This man is a true pervert, and his material shows it. His topic is almost always sexual, and no holds barred. He’ll talk about getting pissed on, blown by trannies, ass licking, anything.

7 – Dave Attell

One of the greats. This guy’s delivery is one of a kind. I got to see him live, lucky me.

6 – Jim Jefferies

This guy was in Tampa 2 months ago and I missed it. Enjoy the video as I contemplate suicide.

5 – Jim Gaffigan

There’s more to him than just jokes about food, but that’s what he’s best at. A genius at making the mundane hilarious. Just saw him recently and loved it.

4 – Daniel Tosh

I know, I know, way to be original. As much as I like Tosh.0, this rating has zero to do with it. His stand-up is brilliant. He can offend you and make you laugh at the same time, a great skill.

3 – David Cross

I gotta say that I wasn’t a big fan of his last special, “Bigger and Blackerer”, but his previous ones were so damn funny that he still makes my top 3.

2 – Bill Burr

Jesus Christ this guy is funny. His most recent special, “Let it Go” is a must watch for everyone. He also happens to have what I consider to be the funniest podcast on the internet, “The Monday Morning Podcast” which is free, so check that out too. I have never seen him do anything that isn’t funny.

1 – Louis C.K.

If you’re surprised by this you A) Know nothing about me, and B) Know nothing about stand-up comedy. This guy is the undisputed king, and I don’t think it’s debatable. Everything he does is great, but the thing that gets me is his writing. He trashes all of his jokes after he shoots a special, and starts from scratch for his next one, and he’s doing a special almost every year. That’s some serious dedication and talent. I’ve seen him live twice, yet he remains at the top of my list of comics I want to see, because I can’t get enough.

Well, that’s it. I really enjoyed making this, so please, send me suggestions on other lists to make. There are some great comedians that didn’t make the list, because they aren’t active enough, for me at least. Comics like Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Cosby, and Dave Chappelle are surely worthy, but they aren’t very active, and plus we all know about them already.


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