Top Ten Most Hated Fighters

This is a list of my ten most hated fighters. These are people that I personally dislike, not fighters who I feel are most hated by the vast majority. I’m not wasting my breath on people like Kimbo Slice, Ken and Frank Shamrock, and Phil Baroni, because those aren’t real fighters. I can’t stand them, but their actions have no impact on the MMA community. They’ve been relegated to being sideshow freaks, which is their appropriate realm.

Also, please don’t think that their ability inside the ring/cage is represented by my opinion of them. A lot of them are absolute beasts actually. They just rub me the wrong way for one reason or the other. Onward with the list!

10 – Josh Koscheck

I really didn’t want to put him on my list honestly. People don’t like his attitude, and his mental tactics. I find it funny half the time. The way he got in Chris Leben’s head on The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 was brilliant to me. I loved even more the way he was taunting Diego Sanchez after handing him his first loss, via boring wall-n-stall decision.

I did not like the way he was mocking the medic on the season of The Ultimate Fighter that he coached though. Taunting someone by calling them a male nurse, and bragging how they can’t do anything about it because you fight for a living is classless. He solidified his spot on here by kissing GSP’s ass in the post-fight interview. If you’re going to play the heel, fine. Stick to your role though. Don’t try to turn the crowd by being gracious in defeat when we all know that it’s an act.

9 – Kenny Florian

Man, this one is tough to type. A year ago, this guy would be on my Top Ten Most Liked list. I was a big fan for a while. Then I discovered Twitter… My god this guy is full of himself. He’s just a super arrogant person, who really shouldn’t be. He constantly tweets stuff like how much he loves the fact that he gets taken to the airport in limos, and pictures of his hotel suites. When called on for his arrogance by a follower, he always points out that they can’t detect sarcasm. He’s either the most sarcastic person I’ve ever seen, or an arrogant prick. Either way, I don’t like him.

Then I look back at the things he did when I did like him, and wonder why I was a fan to begin with. Blinded by talent I guess. His whole “I finish fights” speech, his samurai attire walking out to the Sean Sherk fight. I highly recommend the Sherk fight as a reference point. His walkout, fence grabbing, hell, his brother Keith was in his corner telling him to “listen to God”. What kind of cornerman does that? Oh yeah, I also think he throws illegal elbows from his back.

8 – Diego Sanchez

If there was a “Top Ten Most Pitied” list he would be #1. He should be very grateful that he can fight, because I doubt that he’s bright enough to do anything else. I am allowed to dislike someone for being stupid, right? He’s a moron! Jesus Rogan, I fucking love you, but keep the mic away from Diego! Every time that baboon opens his trap I cringe.

He’s a weirdo too. He actually stands outside during lightning storms, because he thinks that he can absorb their power. And what’s with yelling “yes!” nonstop? Look up “yes cartwheels” for a laugh sometime. He also changed his nickname from “The Nightmare” to “The Dream”, how clever.

7 – Rashad Evans

This goes without explanation really, but I will anyway. What a showoff. This guy is so arrogant that it’s sickening. What kind of person dances in the cage, mid-fight? He’s done it twice! He did it when he was competing on The Ultimate Fighter, and Matt Hughes called him out for it, justifiably so. Then, he did it again against Forrest Griffin during a title fight, followed by a crotch grab, classy. His interviews are the kicker, because he always comes off as polite and humble. Your actions have to match your words though, or else you come off as fake, which makes you more hated.

The sad thing is that I know he’s a tremendous talent. This guy has all the tools to be a legend. Lightning quick hands, great footwork and head movement, and top tier wrestling. He knocked out Chuck with one of the most devastating punches I have ever seen. It was so fast that all I saw was a blur. Then, he followed it up by doing a stupid dance and pretending to have a heart attack, what a gentleman. I wish he would have been fighting an in his prime Liddell, would have been a different story. Special thank you to Lyoto Machida for putting Rashad in his place. I loved it when Rashad was trying to downplay how hurt he was by smiling, and being KO’d seconds later. Hope you like the famous “Rashad face” image I chose.

6 – Leonard Garcia

The first fight I saw him in was an absolute war with Roger Huerta. This man can take a punch. I’ve seen him take serious bombs and keep moving forward. After a few fights in WEC it became pretty apparent though… this man is a one-trick pony. All he does is throw wild haymakers, missing 95% of the time. Jesus, throw a jab every now and then. If you’re gassing at 145 pounds then you’re doing something wrong. But because he throws bombs, the judges seem to favor him. He’s been involved in some of the worst scoring that I’ve ever seen, always being the benefactor.

He did have one of the greatest fights that I’ve ever seen, against Chan Sung Jung, which was a bullshit split decision win for Garcia. Jung later got a rematch, and submitted him via twister, which was a sight to behold. That aside though, Garcia is a Bellator fighter at best, yet be remains on the UFC roster for reasons unknown to me. Oh yeah, he also got busted for trafficking cocaine.

5 – Nick Diaz

This is a hairy one, and a prime example of someone who’s ability I respect the hell out of, with a dismal attitude. If his talent was paired with someone like Rich Franklin’s attitude, he’d be in my top ten favorites easily. A granite chin, cardio for days, excellent hands, and some of the best BJJ off of his back ever. Unfortunately, all of this talent wound up in the body of an absolute punk.

I literally have a hard time finding a photo of this guy where his middle finger isn’t raised. Dude, you’re a grown man now, act like it. He’s a mumbler too, which oddly bothers me for inexplicable reasons. Ever seen an interview with him? He’s always looking over his shoulder in paranoia, as if he’s about to be arrested. And he failed a drug test due to marijuana, stripping him of one of the most impressive victories that I have ever seen. If you wanna smoke pot, I won’t give two shits. But come on Nick, show some restraint when it’s fight week.

4 – Gray Maynard

The proof is in the pudding for this one. Ten wins, eight via decision. And don’t be fooled, these were very boring decisions. People watch MMA for a myriad of reasons. One reason that all fans agree on is that it’s a very exciting sport. Maynard is the anti-excitement fighter. His fight against the aforementioned Kenny Florian is a prime example. He knew that he had nothing for Kenny on the feet, and that if he tried to be active in the guard that he would be submitted. So what does he do? Takedown, lay, pray, rinse, repeat. We all know that takedowns are overrated in the judges minds, and to take advantage of that is cheap fighting.

Did I mention that he has a tramp stamp? Yep, ‘ole Gray has a beautiful eagle on his lower back, sexy. Also, when he was arguing with Joe Rogan about the no-contest with Rob Emerson, it was really annoying. Anyone with two eyes could see that Maynard was clearly unconscious, yet he kept denying it. Seriously dude, accept that you were out, and move on. I really hope Frankie Edgar takes care of this guy.

3 – Fedor Emelianenko

Yes, I hate him. And yes, I think he’s the greatest heavyweight of all-time. Greatest fighter ever? No, that’s Anderson Silva to me. Look, “The Last Emperor” was an outstanding fighter in Pride, and I cheered him on. His battles were great. His stand-up was outstanding, and his ground game was up to snuff as well. His fighting ability overall is not in question in my eyes.

What I do question is his mettle, his motives for fighting, and opponents that he chooses seem suspect at times to me. And let’s be real, he blatantly ducked the UFC. He easily could have signed a monster deal to fight in the octagon, but he copped out behind the excuse of failing to come to terms, due to the UFC’s unwillingness to co-promote with M-1 Global. Two things: 1) no fighter is bigger than the game. Nobody outside of the UFC deserves a part of the gate. The people who run the promotion get that money. You’re getting paid six figures per bout without ever having fought in the organization, enjoy it. 2) don’t pass the blame onto your manager, that’s bush league. Everything goes through Finklestein, which I get. He is your manager after all. He’s also your representation though. He represents you, meaning that his actions reflect on you. Fedor’s fans blame M-1, bypassing the fact that M-1 is Fedor. Enjoy your retirement fight with Mike Whitehead. Way to go out with a bang.

2 – Jon Jones

My God, this guy exploded onto the scene with a win over Stephan Bonnar that was nothing short of spectacular. Me, Brian, and Liz all knew that we had just seen a phenomenal fighter emerge before our very eyes. I won’t even begin to deny it, this guy is the goods. His crazy striking is top notch, his takedowns are superb, and he can submit you, ask Ryan Bader.

I’m not a fan whatsoever though due to a few reasons. Some are his fault, and some are the product of the hype machine. His personality his nonexistent. He secretes arrogance, masked in humbleness. Everything is thanks to the lord, but he thinks he’s unbeatable. Not really anything new so far, I know.

What starts to set him apart is the Rashad Evans debacle. There are different stories as to who said what, and who’s ducking who, but I’ll try to clarify. Rashad Evans and Jon Jones were training partners. It’s pretty rare for partners to fight each other, something that Dana White and I both think is absurd if there’s a title on the line. Well, Evans was in line for a title shot against Shogun Rua, but Rashad blew out his knee, so the opportunity was given to Jon Jones. Jones fought Rua, and decimated him to become the youngest champion in UFC history.

When he was awarded the belt, UFC president Dana White brought Rashad into the cage to announce that Rashad was going to fight Jon Jones for the belt. Both fighters looked apprehensive about taking the fight, but it was pretty much a done deal. A couple of weeks later, Jones’ camp announces that he will be undergoing hand surgery, and would be out for 10 months. Rashad, having already been on the shelf for quite some time, went on to sign on for a bout with young phenom Phil Davis. Shortly after it was announced that Rashad was signed on for another bout, Jones decided to get a second opinion on his hand, and opted out of surgery. He then took a fight with Quinton Jackson, whom I love, but also know is not the caliber of a fighter that Evans is. Now from those facts, am I insane to think that Jon Jones blatantly ducked a fight with Rashad Evans? Why do I think that after Jones fights Rampage Jackson, win or lose, that he’s going to decide to have surgery after all?

Also, I hate Jones’ fans. The most obnoxious people on the internet if you ask me. They’re already proclaiming that Jon Jones is the greatest 205lb fighter ever, even though there’s a heap of opponents he has yet to be seen against. His chin hasn’t even been tested yet! To call him the best ever, without having faced the best is a slap in the face to Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva. Those guys are true warriors, who took on all comers, no questions asked. I don’t care how great Jon Jones becomes, he will never have that kind of spirit.

1 – Chael Sonnen

This was an easy one for me. He has all the factors of a fighter that I can’t stand. He’s like the Voltron of douchebaggery. Shitty personality, one dimentional fighter, zero submission defense, republican, criminal, with a heaping side of performance enhancing drugs.

I’ll break it down. Read his twitter @sonnench. See all the nice things he says? Nope, me neither. All he does is trash other fighters. Sad part is, he’s usually bashing fighters that are either out of his weight class, or people that have already defeated him. Bitter, Chael? He’s got a real hard on for bashing Brazil, and their fighters, which I don’t like at all. That whole “America, fuck yeah!” attitude is what sticks in the mind of other nations.

If you’re going to talk up such a big game, please have the record to back it up. Sonnen’s record is 25-11-1. Not bad, not spectacular. At a closer look, he has 15 decision victories, which consist of mostly wrestle-fucking his opponents. He also has 8 submission losses. You’d think that he would learn how to posture up to avoid the triangle/armbar after the first 7 times. He openly called the triangle choke “the refuge of the coward”. Yeah, jiu jitsu is cowardly, douche. His explanation for the choke job he pulled against Anderson Silva is that he was “beating him up for 4 rounds, then Silva wraps his legs around his head, and he wins” which is wrong on so many levels. First of all, Sonnen failed the post-fight steroid test, so he wouldn’t have been champion had he not choked. Secondly, it’s mixed martial arts, not street fighting. And if it was an underground fighting ring, a la Kimbo Slice, they don’t go to the ground. That would mean no lay n pray for Chael. Stand and bang, not his strong point.

And his fans are second to only Jon Jones. Everything Chael says is comedy gold. Take it from someone who loves comedy, Sonnen is an open mic guy at best. I’m not saying he’s not funny though. I’ll admit that I love his interviews. People are using the words “genius” and “brilliant” to describe a Steven Seagal wisecrack. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the brilliance in something that I feel that I could do myself as well, if not better. George Carlin was a genius. Bill Cosby is brilliant. Chael Sonnen is a clown, and a failure of a human being.

That’s it! Stay tuned for my “Top Ten Favorite Fighters” coming soon. Leave comments below, good or bad. No registration required. I filter nothing. Thanks for reading.


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2 responses to “Top Ten Most Hated Fighters”

  1. TG_2 says :

    Great write up. Im on board with 5 of them, Kos, Diego, Evans, Maynard, and Fedor.
    Surprised you didnt lump in Nate with Nick. Love them both. The way I see it, is if a fighter comes to fight, I dont care how he does it…I cant fight and I tune in to be entertained.

    Cant wait to see the top 10 most liked!!!

    • malf922 says :

      Yeah, there’s no lack of respect towards Nick Diaz at all. The guy can flat out fight. I’m just really turned off by the antics. So many great fighters who are class acts as well make him look silly. I didn’t include Nate because he’s basically a lesser clone of Nick, and I didn’t want to use up another spot on my list, addressing the same reasons.

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