GLAAD to be Unapologetic

Last Friday, Adam Carolla went on an a rant that many people deemed homophobic. After being harassed about what he said for 5 days, Carolla released an apology statement. It really pisses me off when this type of thing happens, because he shouldn’t have to apologize. Here’s the rant that brought him so much trouble.

You can draw your own conclusion on whether this is offensive or not, and I won’t judge you for it. The part that bothers me is when an organization like GLAAD demands an apology for it.

First of all, what kind of childlike solution is that? That’s the kind of thing that I had to do in kindergarten for playing too roughly in the sandbox. “Say you’re sorry, Tony.”. Has anyone really meant what they said when they’ve been forced to apologize? Even fellow comedian Jamie Kilstein, whom I abruptly unfollowed on twitter (I think I have a twitter problem) called Carolla a “homophobic shit” and accused him of bullying. Who’s bullying who though? Adam Carolla makes a joke, and is forced by an organization, who obviously is not the target audience, to make a public apology? You know that they didn’t just call Adam and ask for one. They called his production company, his manager, his agent, his publicist, and maybe even the Speed Channel demanding one. But yeah, Carolla is the bully….

Secondly, it’s comedy! I strongly believe that the second a professional comedic entertainer sets foot on stage, or gets behind the microphone, that nothing is sacred. If it’s even a little funny, say it.

“Do you realize how bad GLAAD hurts the image of the LGBT community? It’s like PETA to the animal rights activists…” said one YouTube comment. Bravo, sir! You’re one of the few people on YouTube who says something intelligent. It’s hard not to be offensive when there’s so many hypersensitive organizations out there.

A fire was also lit under Tracy Morgan’s ass for this comment he made on stage a few months ago, “(my son) better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I’ll pull out a knife and stab that little nigger to death.”.

He later also released an apology.

Louis C.K. later tweeted regarding the Morgan controversy, “If everything a person says has to be right and balanced and fair, I will jump off a tall thing onto a hard place.” My all-time favorite tweet.

It’s really all because of this unfunny asshole.

That’s Michael Richards, “Kramer”. He had an onstage meltdown that you can watch here.

That talentless prick went on a rampage, and gave real comedians who push the envelope in a creative way a bad name. Even if the funny people who say off-color remarks, such as Carolla and Morgan, miss their mark, how can you blame them? Even the funniest of comedians can’t deliver gold in every joke. But since it’s controversial material, they must apologize or else the radicals will skewer them publicly. The day comedy becomes censored is the day it is no longer my favorite art form.

So I ask you, who’s bullying who?


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