RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 8/14/11 – 8/20/11

Alright, here we go! I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I would be doing this, and after further review, it seems like a good idea. I only have a few categories right now, but I’d be happy to add more once I get some good suggestions, so email away. Feedback has been great so far, so thanks for the responses guys. Alright, here’s the list.

Tweet of the Week

@ConanOBrien said: “I like my women the way I like my coffee. Yup, I like blonde slutty coffee with low self esteem.”

Picture of the Week

YouTube video of the week

A wise man once said “You don’t have to be smart to laugh at a fart, but you have to be stupid not to.”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Asshole of the week

I seriously think that it would be an injustice to have anyone except Brian as my first asshole of the week. I have a strange feeling that he’ll be the all-time leader in the Asshole of the Week category as well.

Let me give you an example. This guy didn’t talk to me for 4 days to prove a point that I never start conversations. I could have, and would have told him that I don’t start many conversations, but no. He had to do it his way. There’s many more examples, but I really don’t want to go down that road publicly. It’s not like he’s a serial killer, don’t get me wrong. He’s just an asshole.

Many times when he’s being lighthearted he’s still an asshole as well. Just look at the picture. One of the first thoughts I had when he showed me the brostache app was “God, what an asshole!”. This Bud’s for you Brian.

Person of the week

That’s right! Dana White is my person of the week. So many people in the MMA community love to hate on this guy, and I have yet to agree with any reasons that I’ve heard. Everything he’s done has been for good reasons. The fighters he signs, the ones who get cut, etc.

His recent stroke of genius was signing a deal with Fox. 4 free fight cards a year, nationally televised. Oh yeah, the first season of The Ultimate Fighter on FX is going to be a live broadcast, where the fans even get to choose which fights they want to see to get into the house.

The most common reason that people hate Dana is because he drops too many F-bombs for their liking. Really? You watch cage fighting for amusement, but a man with a potty mouth really grinds your gears?

As for the ones who think that he’s ruining MMA, just picture it without Dana. People would still be calling it “human cock fighting” if not for the strides that he’s made.

Ok, I’ll stop now, before people accuse me of nuthuggery. Too late? Oh well…


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33 year old married guy. I write about whatever is bouncing around this head of mine at any given moment.

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