UFC 134 Predictions

People who know me, know that I retain knowledge fairly well, especially with something like sports. With MMA being my favorite sport, you would think that I would be good at choosing winners of fights. Don’t be fooled, I suck at it. I’ve lost so many bets to so many people (especially Brian) that I stopped keeping count. It got really depressing.

I’m only doing this because it’s funny to me how badly I suck at picking winners. I do make some very good picks on occasion though, because anyone can get hot. Overall though, I’m not great. I did win a season of MMA Playground, which is like fantasy MMA, but I think that was blind luck.

Anyway, UFC Rio is going to be great, and I’m really sad that since I’m up in Minnesota I’ll probably miss it. Also, I’m only picking fights in which I have decent knowledge of the participants. I know little about Erick Silva, so I can’t in good faith pick a winner. I do know most UFC fighters, so I don’t miss many. Anyway, here are the picks. If you so choose, feel free to post comments with your picks/arguments below. For those of you who complain when I write about MMA stuff, sorry? It’s one of my passions.

Rousimar Palhares vs Dan Miller

I like Palhares a lot. He has an outstanding submission game. His big problem is when he fights top ranked opponents, such as Dan Henderson and Nate Marquardt. Dan Miller is not a top ranked middleweight. He’s the lesser of the Miller brothers, not to be confused with Cole and Micah. The most impressive thing I can say about Dan Miller is that he’s lost to some impressive fighters, like Demian Maia, Michael Bisping, and Marquardt. His fight with Maia was a striking match that he still managed to lose via decision.

My pick: Palhares via unanimous decision.

Thiago Tavares vs Spencer Fisher

To me, this fight is one lackluster fighter against a very exciting fighter, who has been lackluster as of late. Tavares shouldn’t even be in the UFC. His biggest win in the organization was over Michihiro Omigawa, which he actually lost in most people’s eyes. Even Dana White disagreed, to the point that he gave Omigawa the win bonus, saying “I say he won that fight. Overruled.”.

Fisher on the other hand, was a title contender a few years ago, having some very flashy KO’s. He lost to Hermes Franca, being knocked out on his feet, in a number one contender fight. Fisher comes to fight though, and has some extremely fast hands. If you like fighters with great hands, and the ability to end fights, he’s one of the guys you like to watch. He’s 35 now, and I’d like to see a couple wins from “The King” before he ends his career.

My pick: Fisher via TKO in the 2nd, leading to Tavares being cut.

Luiz Cane vs Stanislav Nedkov

I’m not going to pretend like I know a lot about Nedkov. I don’t know much about him, but he does have wins over Travis Wiuff and Kevin Randleman, which may have impressed me 8 years ago. Cane on the other hand, has impressed me from time to time. He has very heavy hands, which can knock pretty much anyone out if he lands a good shot.

Since I don’t know too much about him, I’m not going to trash Nedkov. He may be great for all I know. I just feel like the leap in competition is a lot for most people.

My pick: Cane via unanimous decision

Antonio Rodrigo Noguera vs Brendan Schaub

This fight all depends on which Noguera shows up. If he looks like he did against Randy Couture, he will win. If he looks like he did against Frank Mir, say goodbye to Big Nog. The man is a legend, and he has nothing to prove to fans like me. We know he’s one of the best ever, and each win he compiles from here on out is special.

Schaub is a very promising fighter, but he is delusional. He has been quoted, stating that he wants a title shot if he beats Noguera. He is on a three fight win streak, beating Chris Tuscherer, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Mirko Cro Cop. Let me translate that for those of you who are reading this because you like me, and not MMA: He is on a three fight win streak, beating a nobody, a one kick wonder, and someone who should have retired 3 years ago. It wasn’t long ago that Schaub was knocked unconscious by Roy Nelson.

I’m pulling hard for Noguera out of spite, and nostalgia. It’s one of those love/hate things. I love Noguera, and hate Schaub’s delusions of grandeur. Even if Schaub wins, I think he deserves the winner of Mitrione/Kongo, or maybe Frank Mir next. The winner of Dos Santos/Velazquez would make short work of him anyway.

My pick: Schaub via 3rd round TKO

Ross Pearson vs Edson Barboza

This one is going to be fun. Pearson always comes to fight, and Barboza is a future star. Neither one of has an impressive name in their win column, but Barboza has been impressive in his wins. His leg kicks are the best in the 155 pound division, and his hands are also very good.

Pearson is a brawler. He throws his punches with bad intentions, and his wrestling is underrated. Overall though, he’s one of those TUFers who isn’t all that special. Expect a big Barboza bandwagon to form in the near future, if not after this fight. I’m going to go ahead and pick this for “Fight of the Night”.

My pick: Barboza via unanimous decision

Mauricio Rua vs Forrest Griffin

I’m a former Shogun fan. I actually still am a fan, when Shogun decides to train with purpose. I’ve seen him out of shape during too many fights to say that I’m a true fan of his, but I do believe that he’s possibly the most talented 205 pound fighter that I’ve ever seen, depending on how Jon Jones fairs against top ranked competition.

Griffin on the other hand, catches too much flak from fans for not being a finisher. He tries very hard to put away his opponents, but he just isn’t built to be a highlight reel knockout artist. Also, his submission game is very underrated. The man has ground skills. Another thing I’ll give Forrest is that he has tremendous cardio for his size. He’s huge for a light heavyweight, and he has better cardio than most welterweights.

I think this fight plays out almost exactly like Shogun/Griffin I, minus the unexpected rear-naked choke in the 3rd. Forrest will push the pace, and Shogun will be worn out by the 2nd.

My pick: Griffin via unanimous decision

Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami

Our main event of the evening! Look, I don’t hate Anderson Silva, far from it. I honestly believe that he is the greatest fighter of all time, and still the best fighter today. I am a firm believer that styles make fights though.

Silva’s striking is nothing short of amazing. He can end the fights with either hand, his elbows, knees, and both feet. You never know what’s coming from him, and if you’re lazy on the ground, he has the ability to submit you off of his back.

Okami is exceptionally strong for a middleweight, just ask Mike Swick. Swick yelled “He’s strong!” to his corner between rounds in their bout, and promptly moved down to welterweight after losing to Okami. Yushin also has a very good chin, which will come in handy during this fight. Make no bones about it, Silva will land some shots in this fight. I just see this playing out like Sonnen/Silva, without the choke job in the final round. Unlike Chael, Yushin does have submission defense.

My pick: Okami via unanimous decision, becoming the middleweight champion, and ending the most impressive reign in UFC history.

I think I’m going to do this for every event from here on out. I enjoyed making this, plus I would like to build my own MMA page, so I had better start making content for it. As always, thanks for reading!


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