Why I Do It

I love to write stuff. It’s what I do best. You know those people who think that they aren’t good at anything? I tend to be like that. I can’t really do anything really well, other than put thoughts into printed words, and make it easy to read. I have a friend who can draw, and a friend who plays music, and both are very good at what they enjoy doing. I do this, and although I’m not quite sure that I’m on the level of doing this that they are of doing their respective crafts, I am certain that there is an amount of joy and pride to be taken in looking back at something that you’ve created.

Up to this point in my writing efforts over my lifespan, I have yet to face negativity regarding things that I’ve written, for which I am very thankful. I have had people disagree with me, or not find humor in things that I think are hilarious, and that’s perfectly fine. We don’t have to agree on the talking points. That’s not really why I do this. I just see this as my art form. Music, drawing, writing, and many other things are just forms of art. And in my eyes, art is just creative expression. While my form of art is a more direct way to express my feelings, it is no more artistic than other forms. Hell, some would argue that it’s less artistic than other forms, and I bet there are valid points to be made that would support such an argument.

Now, I’m going to get into what upsets me. It’s pretty simple really. It’s people who pass judgement on others who choose to have a creative outlet. People who walk by someone who is playing the saxophone, and feel like they can comment on how well he plays. Comments like “He sucks.” and such. People who look at someone else’s sketch pad, and laugh at what they decided to draw. These type of people are the ones who put song lyrics up on their Facebook page to describe themselves. These non-creative, yet highly judgmental people are the last ones who should pass judgment on anything, because they don’t have the courage to show who they are, or what they are, or are not capable of. I have yet to come across someone who treats me like this, because it’s mostly friends of mine who read what I write.

I think a big part of doing something such as drawing or playing music is inspiration. While I think it’s ok to listen to a song and feel like you identify with it, I’m not impressed with someone who takes someone else’s words to describe themselves. I’m sure my friends find inspiration from others. Much of mine comes from George Carlin. Although I believe that Louis CK is the greatest comedian I have ever seen, I feel that Carlin is the greatest free thinker that I have ever seen. I’ve seen all of his HBO specials (there’s 14 of them), and read a couple of his books.

I honestly believe that the humor of his work was just a byproduct of the brilliance of his writing. The man was brave enough to go against what is socially accepted, and not only make valid points, but make you laugh while simultaneously sending a strong message. That’s someone who inspires people like myself. That being said, I wouldn’t use a George Carlin quote to describe me. I would use a Tony Malfitano quote to describe me.

And while I have yet to face negative criticism, I have heard it about people similar to myself. People like to poke fun at internet bloggers, because they think it’s lame to write your opinions. What is so wrong about writing about your opinions and feelings, and posting it on the web? While I wouldn’t consider myself as just another blogger, some of my writing is in fact just a blog. Look no further than what you are reading right now for an example. If this isn’t a blog entry, then I don’t know what is. There are times that I feel like something I’m writing is more of a long-form joke, or simply an opinion about a topic that has nothing to do with me. Other times I feel like I’m writing in an online diary. I don’t think it’s self-centered or egotistical though, because I’m not better than anyone, nor am I shouting for attention. I’m just not a person who shies away from voicing an opinion publicly.

And if you are one of those people who thinks that writing, playing music, or sketching a picture of a pony is lame, take a look at yourself for a change. Before you poke fun at the guys in Starbucks who are aspiring screenwriters, ask yourself if you have the ability and courage to do what they are doing. Maybe it’s just a pipe dream for them to get famous by doing something they love, but a person without dreams is a person without purpose in my eyes. While I may not be George Carlin, I see nothing wrong with aspiring to be that kind of creator, someone who voices their beliefs and feelings in a form that is entertaining to others. Sometimes I feel like the world lacks originality, and I do what I can to be my own person. This website is an example of that. So before you think that I, or someone similar to myself is lame, and you put lyrics to a song in your profile, just remember this; My words that I put on my website come from my mind. Your words that you put on your Facebook page came from Taylor Swift’s song, which is about William Shakespeare’s play. That makes you unoriginal to the third degree.


About malf922

33 year old married guy. I write about whatever is bouncing around this head of mine at any given moment.

One response to “Why I Do It”

  1. Thomas Stillwell says :

    Keep on keepin’ on… as the mud flap oracles say. If you love doing it, then do it. Plus, you are actually good at it. I check this site every day and I am trying to spread the word. I have said it before and I will say it again. I really think you would like Reddit.com… you should make an account and post some stuff there. Plus you have the unique opportunity to get into good argument with people who actually know what they are talking about and rip into those who you can tell obviously DON’T know what they are talking about.
    Give it a try… you can customize your subreddits to fit your likes so that the front page is like a newspaper filled with headlines of your personal interest.

    Have at it and keep up the good work.

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