Sensitive to Hyper-Sensitivity

I don’t know how this became a recurring theme for me, but it seemingly has. I can’t stand activists of any kind. I don’t know when this general disdain came to the front of my mind, but it definitely was recent. It was probably when comedians became a target of criticism, but the annoyance has always been there.

I’ll use one of my old examples to start, Tracy Morgan. He basically said that if his son spoke to him in a gay voice, that he would stab his son to death. GLAAD got upset about it, and complained until it forced Tracy Morgan to apologize. The thing is, there is no recording of any kind where Morgan said this. It was a private audience, which was a few hundred people, or a thousand or two at most. Someone got upset in the crowd, and brought this to GLAAD. If GLAAD hadn’t gotten so upset about it, it wouldn’t even be an issue. Secondly, it was a joke. Whether or not a joke hits it’s intended mark is always debatable, but handicapping what a comedian is even allowed to joke about is unfair, and that isn’t debatable.

Before I stray too far from my intended topic, I have to ask what is worthy of it’s own activist group as well. I’m bald, and I honestly couldn’t care less. Most men who are mature enough to accept the fact that sometimes your hair falls out don’t mind bald jokes. I hear them all the time, and if they’re funny, I’ll be laughing as hard as anyone else. What if I got offended at bald humor, or the lack of bald cartoon characters? What if I formed TAFBAM (The Association For Bald American Men) and rallied on the streets of Tampa that bald men, fictitious and real, are discriminated in everyday life? What if I felt that “bald” was a harsh word, and protested that it be changed to “follicley challenged”? I’d be a joke. And that’s what most of these activists are, a big joke.

And just to clarify, I am pro equality in every aspect of life. Black, white, male, female, gay, straight, whatever. Nobody is better than anybody. It’s just getting damn annoying when every time someone wants to say something that they think might be funny, they have to look around first to make sure that there aren’t any sensitive ears listening in. Yet, if you fall into a certain demographic (white heterosexual male) you are unprotected. I really don’t give a shit to be honest. But if you want to split hairs, when it comes down to political correctness, we have the raw end of the deal. It seems like every black comedian out there does a great white guy impression, but you bet your ass the second Jerry Seinfeld sets foot on stage and starts talking jive, everybody will call him a racist. Oh yeah, and Jews, THANK YOU. It seems like the Jewish community is the only group of people who’s been persecuted in the past, yet has the ability to move on. They get made fun of, yet I’m pressed to see a Jewish rally. Kudos to the Jews.

As far as GLAAD, PETA, the feminists, and every other obnoxious movement out there, lighten the hell up. I stopped taking you all seriously the second it became apparent that you were looking for reasons to be upset. I get mad because stupid shit happens every day that is annoying. I don’t scour the internet for shit to be upset about. That’s pathetic. The upsetting shit presents itself, I get pissed, then I move on. If I don’t have anything to be angry about, I call it “a good day”. Ever heard of one of those?


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2 responses to “Sensitive to Hyper-Sensitivity”

  1. Thomas Stillwell says :

    The other day I said something about “Jews” to my girlfriend, commenting about them as a race in whole. To which my overly PC girlfriend replied “Don’t call them that? That’s racist!”.
    Really? I said… they are JEWS because they are JEWISH, that’s the name of their race! I call them Jews because that’s what they are… why is that racist? Ask a Jew what they call themselves. They call themselves Jews!

    This is also why I call Niggas “Niggas”,because that’s what they call themselves.
    I expect people to cal me Intelligent.

    • malf922 says :

      The Jews thing is politically correct as far as I know. Jew is acceptable. As far as nigga, I just say “black”. African American is too long, when I’ve never heard of someone being offended by “black”.

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