Breaking News! I’m Not Dead!

Crash causes gas leak and evacuation on N Dale Mabry

TAMPA — A four-vehicle crash on N Dale Mabry Highway has ruptured a natural gas pipeline and forced the evacuation of a Walmart.

Traffic was closed southbound a W Waters Avenue and northbound at W Hamilton Avenue, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

The Walmart at 8220 N Dale Mabry Highway was evacuated as precaution. Peoples Gas was called in to shut off the line.

The previous story is what I was talking about on Twitter. Apparently, there was a big natural gas leak just down the road, and I was in the line of fire if it ignited.

That’s where the leak was, and you can see that the Waters Ave intersection is blocking traffic from coming through. If you aren’t from Tampa, take note that Dale Mabry, the street that the gas line runs along, is probably the busiest street in Tampa.

That’s how far back the blockage of traffic was pushed in the other direction. I would estimate that it’s 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile down the road. That means that they either couldn’t block traffic before Waters due to congestion problems that would arise from 2 major streets being blocked off, or that the flow of the gas pipeline was headed towards me. The rational side of me thinks that it was due to traffic, but the side of me that likes to feel like a victim thinks that I was in the line of fire.

I had two thoughts when I found out about the ruptured line. My first thought was “Wow, that’s crazy. I wonder if I’ll have to go home?” Then I spoke with a police officer who was blocking one of the turn lanes on Dale Mabry. He seemed a little nervous, and said “I’d leave if I were you. If that line ignites, we’re all dead.” Now, I’m not trying to sound tough, but I didn’t panic. My second thought, however, was an understanding of my priorities in life, and how my current job was not a priority at all.

I came back inside, and told Pete the news. He said that he already spoke to the company owner, and was awaiting news from the police on what to do. At that exact moment I realized that I did not care what my employer thought was right, and the second it was even suggested that we vacate the premises, I was gone. I immediately gathered my things, and prepared to leave. Pete asked me to at least stay a few more minutes, so he could go down the street and ask the authorities if they would have the leak sealed anytime tonight. As a favor to him, I waited, keys in hand.

Pete came back and informed me that the crisis had been averted, and that through traffic would commence in 15 minutes. What’s done is done though, because I found out how little I cared about my job. If there’s a .001% chance that my life is in jeopardy, fuck my job, I’m out. I’m not sure if the hostility I have towards the company is warranted, but I feel that the lack of value my employment holds with me is. I don’t like change, and I have never been unemployed for more than a month since I was 16. I think it’s time for change though. Whether or not I follow through rests on my shoulders, and nobody else’s.

I hope that it’s not coming off as though I’m throwing a pity party for myself. I love my life. I have a great wife, house, car, dog, everything. I just feel as though I’m settling in other aspects of life. That’s really it. Nobody other than Tony is screwing Tony over. I think it’s time to put some risk on the line, and attempt to do something I actually enjoy doing for a change. Ah well, we’ll see how it works out. Anyway, I shot some videos of the leak, and the police and firefighters working to fix it, all narrated by yours truly. If I’m not too embarrassed by the sound of my voice, I just might upload them when I get home tonight. Thanks for reading, and take care.


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One response to “Breaking News! I’m Not Dead!”

  1. Thomas Stillwell says :

    Damn… almost blew the place up. ; – )

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