RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 8/28/11 – 9/3/11

It’s been a great week for RageLaugh. We got some new readers, and even a couple of subscribers, which I always welcome. I’ll try my hardest to keep you entertained. If you have your own site, please let me know, I love reading other points of view. Check out Mooselicker’s blog over at http://mooselicker.wordpress.com/ for a fun read. He updates it often, which is what I like to see. Alright fuckers, enough ass kissing from me. Here’s our winners:

Tweet of the Week

@WendyLiebman said: “Breaking Bad should be on the Food Network. #cookingmeth”

Picture of the Week

YouTube Video of the Week

Asshole of the Week

Lee Roy Selmon, 56, was one of the greatest athletes in the history of Tampa. He very well may be the best we’ve ever seen here. He suffered a serious stroke on Friday, and his representatives falsely announced his passing. I suppose you could make them “Morons of the Week”, but only an asshole goes public with the death of a local hero without checking their facts.

While it may have seemed like a forgone conclusion that Selmon was not going to make it, you can afford to wait before announcing something so definitive. You can’t take on the responsibility of representing someone of his stature without knowing that you posses the power to speak on his behalf. Announcing the death of such a respected man without confirmation is inexcusable. I would slap you a thousand times with my shame rod if I saw you, you incompetent jackasses.

Person of the Week

To me, being unintentionally funny is better than being funny on purpose a lot of the time. CK is probably the most unintentionally funny guy I know. He’s a young buck, only 23 years old, buy my God is he funny. Oh yeah, and ladies, he’s single! Go show him a good time. The above video (assuming I can embed it properly with my phone, if not I’ll fix it later) happened Friday night. It’s pretty funny, but we were laughing hard at his antics all night. Please excuse my voice. I was mumbling a lot, and my voice is too deep, and it sounds like I’m gargling balls. Sorry about that.

That’s it this week! Stay tuned readers. Big day tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll get something up. Tuesday will be a big day for RageLaugh. It’ll be a recap of our fantasy football draft party, with pictures. I’ll break down the draft, it’s winners and losers, and more in a way that only I can do. Even if you don’t know football, you’ll probably still want to read it. Take care guys and gals.


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One response to “RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 8/28/11 – 9/3/11”

  1. mooselicker says :

    Wooo a free plug. I’ll have to return the favor. You want me to plug your site or your asshole?

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