My Thoughts on the New Main Event for UFC137

Just a couple of hours ago, UFC president Dana White held a press conference for UFC 137 in Las Vegas. Georges St. Pierre was there, and Nick Diaz was not. Dana wasted no time, and got right to the heart of the matter. Nick Diaz was MIA, and missed 3 flights to Vegas for the conference. Dana pulled Diaz from the main event, and replaced him with Carlos Condit.

My first reaction was anger. I have given many opinions to many people regarding St. Pierre vs Diaz. Once you start talking about a great fight, you feel the need to see it happen, to see if your feelings were accurate.

After I got over the anger that I had for selfish reasons, my true reaction was excitement. Condit vs GSP? Are you kidding me?! Teammate vs Teammate, best welterweight ever against one of the most exciting fighters ever… unreal. Condit vs St. Pierre is a better fight than St. Pierre vs Diaz. Thank you Dana White! Condit has 27 wins, 13 by KO/TKO and 13 submissions, ONE FUCKING DECISION! I know I’ve said that before, but it’s a statistic worth repeating. I bet some of you thought I would seize this opportunity to bash Diaz. Nope, I’m thankful. His loss is our gain. Thanks Nick!

If that trailer doesn’t get you pumped, then you can’t get excited for any fight, period. Tomorrow I’ll write something that isn’t sports related, but I couldn’t let this pass without putting my spin on it.


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One response to “My Thoughts on the New Main Event for UFC137”

  1. Thedailycop says :

    Maybe the winner of this fight can face The World’s Most Dangerous Man – Ken Shamrock.

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