Top Ten Reasons Why MMA is Better Than Boxing

Ok, I’ve decided that it’s time for another top 10 list, and in light of this past weekend’s horrible fight in which many poor boxing fans were ripped off in wasted PPV buys, I figured that it’s time to state my case for MMA being superior. Don’t take this the wrong way though, because I don’t hate boxing. There are still a couple of great boxers out there who are worth watching, mainly Manny Pacquiao, and some legendary fights, like the Gatti vs Ward trilogy. Boxing is a good sport, but that being said, it’s time for it’s fans to concede that MMA is simply the better, more entertaining sport. If you disagree with what I say in here, you are free to state your case, and I’ll be sure to comment back.

10- MMA is more accessible

Take this one any way you want to, because MMA wins every way. Information is easier to obtain through the internet, or even smartphone apps. Tickets are easier to find and more affordable for big fights. I’ve attended a UFC title fight myself, and I’m far from rich. Fighters themselves are easier to interact with. Even the most prominent ones are on Twitter, and answer questions often. Any way you cut it, MMA is better.

9 – There are less fixed fights in MMA

Look. I’m not saying that somoene takes a dive in boxing all the time. But there’s been a few fights that even I’ve seen where I’ve called bullshit. I remember when Mike Tyson got out of prison, and his first fight was against some sloppy bastard named Peter McNeely. I didn’t see that fight, but I saw him against Buster Mathis, which I think was his following fight. I’m not even looking it up, or watching it on YouTube, but I remember seeing one of the most pathetic knockouts ever. I’m not saying that Mathis took a dive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. And that was against Iron Mike, my all-time favorite boxer (say whatever you want about Tyson, if you deny that he was a monster, then you’re the crazy one). I’ve heard too many stories of boxers taking dives, and only one or two about MMA fighters doing so, and those were in Pride, when they were being run by the Yakuza.

8 – MMA takes promoters out of the mix

Every sports fan knows who Don King is, and nobody likes him. Boxing has some seriously crooked people pulling the strings behind the scenes, just so they can squeeze every penny out of a fight. Often, one promoter works for fighters who are facing each other, leading to the scenario mentioned in reason #9. I haven’t heard much from King lately, but Oscar de la Hoya is promoting a lot now, and while he seems more trustworthy, who knows? After seeing some of the crap Don King has pulled, you never know for sure. Meanwhile, MMA’s biggest promoter is UFC president Dana White. While some people in the MMA community don’t love Dana like I do, nobody accuses him of being corrupt. Dana White promotes an organization, and governs the fighters, they have no promoters, only managers. The biggest criticism that Dana faces is his potty mouth.

7 – Less MMA fights go to a decision

I tried looking up exact stats, but that proved impossible. From my personal experience, MMA fights are left to the judges less often than boxing matches. Now, I’ve seen some spectacular KO’s in boxing, like when Pacquiao knocked out Ricky Hatton. But you’re likely to see a great knockout almost every MMA event you watch. Can you say that about every boxing event you watch? No way.

6 – MMA has fewer weight classes

Professional boxing has 17 weight classes. MMA has 8. 9 if you include super heavyweight, which will never be in the UFC. What does this mean? More talent per weight class in MMA, meaning less in boxing. Boxing has too few names in it already, and on top of it, it seems like none of the great boxers are fighting each other. In MMA, the great fighters face each other all the time. In boxing, if you’re afraid to face another fighter, you can just stay in your weight class and not face him, even though you’re both virtually the same size, which leads me to #5…

5 – There’s less “ducking” in MMA

If you want to get ahead in the MMA world, you have to face the best competition. People thought Brock Lesnar was the best, but he had to face Cain Velasquez to prove it, and he lost. People think Jon Jones is the best light heavyweight in the world, and he’s taking the first step in trying (and hopefully failing) to prove it this weekend. In MMA, and especially the UFC, if you want to be the best, you have to fight the best. You fight for an organization, and they choose your fights for you. In boxing, the fighters choose their fights based on payday, and likelyhood of victory. Fans want Mayweather vs Pacquiao, and they may never see it. MMA fans want Anderson Silva vs Georges St. Pierre, and they’ll probably see it by the end of next year. In MMA, superfights are a reality every year. In boxing, superfights are a reality if the fighters want it to be.

4 – MMA is easier to find on TV

UFC signed a deal with Fox last month, to show events on broadcast television. They already have shows on Spike, Versus, and soon FX. Strikeforce was on CBS last year, and is still on Showtime. Bellator is on MTV2. Dream is on HDNet last I checked. If you want boxing, your options are pretty much limited to HBO, Showtime, and Pay Per View. I mean, there’s stuff on ESPN2 and USA sometimes, but that’s like MMA on Fox Sports Net. Even boxing fans don’t want that garbage.

3 – There are more quality fights per UFC event compared to boxing events

When you watch a UFC card, there’s a main event, and a few other interesting fights on each card. For instance, this Saturday’s card has Jon Jones vs Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, along with Matt Hughes vs Josh Koscheck and Nate Diaz vs Takanori Gomi. There’s a title fight, a fight pitting a legend against a current top contender, and a japanese icon vs a jiu jitsu ace. You’re bound to get your money’s worth just watching those 3 fights. That’s not even mentioning the 8 or more other fights on the card. In boxing you have the main event, and usually a bunch of fluffers filling out the rest of the card, if there even is one. When you order a UFC event, you watch the fights. When you order a boxing event, you watch the fight.

2 – There are more good MMA events in 3 months than there are good boxing events in a year

UFC puts on about one PPV event every month, not counting VS, Spike, The Ultimate Fighter, Strikeforce, etc. That doesn’t even include Bellator events, and other promotions. The Bellator featherweight grand prix finale was a good event too. In boxing, you get maybe 4 good events a year, and sometimes even those fizzle. In boxing, you have Mayweather, Pacquiao, the Klitschko brothers, Mosely, Hopkins, Berto, and a bunch of mexicans. If those guys aren’t on the card, then you’re wasting money if you’re buying a PPV event. In MMA there’s too many great fighters to mention, and you’re bound to get at least 1 on every card. Hell, next month’s UFC event has St. Pierre, Penn, Condit, and Nick Diaz all fighting each other!

1 – MMA is more of a well-rounded sport

This one goes without explaining, but I will anyway. It’s MMA, which includes boxing, muay thai, karate, jiu jitsu, wrestling, and more. In one fight, the guys may duke it out on the feet. In another, they may go to the ground, you never know. Even if you see 2 straight striking battles, they won’t be the same because there’s kicking, knees, elbows, etc. The same goes for a ground war, you could see ground and pound action, or 2 guys trying to submit one another. A boxing fan may say that MMA is gay when it goes to the ground, and to that guy I say that I think it’s gay when boxers get tired, so they hug each other to stall. Boxing is just boxing. It’s great if you like it, which I do. I like boxing. But I like more variety, and MMA provides that. It’s just a case of evolution running it’s course. Boxing is the monkey, and MMA is the human, and the caveman years are over.

Well, that’s my case for MMA being better. Like I just said, I like boxing. I’d be lying my ass off if I said that Manny Pacquiao isn’t one of the most amazing athletes on the planet, because he really is. I really enjoy watching Andre Berto fight too, even though he lost his last fight. That being said, MMA has become an addiction. I can’t go more than a day without checking the sites to see what’s going on. People who know me know that I’m an overall sports nut, and in all my years of watching sports, boxing has never done to me what MMA has over the past decade.

I’ll go ahead and close with a video from a couple of years ago. The always awesome Joe Rogan states his case for MMA against boxing promoter Lou DiBella. I have to admit that DiBella isn’t the best representative for boxing, because he shows how ignorant some people can be. He’s very blinded by the very real threat that MMA is to boxing. Someone who thinks more realistically, such as the great Freddie Roach, would have been a better person to speak on boxing’s behalf. Anyway, Rogan states an excellent case for the reality of MMA being the future of combat sports, enjoy.

If you want to state your case for boxing, or if you just want to tell me that I’m right, leave a comment. I’ll try to reply to all 3 of you.


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One response to “Top Ten Reasons Why MMA is Better Than Boxing”

  1. thedailycop says :

    To me, MMA is more entertaining. It always seemed silly to me that two fighters only use their fists. Hell if a sport is going to be so limited, why not let them only use their thumbs? Thumb wrestling would cut down on injuries like a million percent! Let the fighters use their whole bodies.

    I do have one complaint about MMA. it is perfectly acceptable to wedge your opponent up against the cage and pummel them. But if the pummelee tries to use the cage as leverage to climb out of the pummeling, he gets penalized. Stupid.

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