I Used to be a Republican

It’s true, there was a point in time when yours truly was a registered republican voter. Now, before you start sending your hate mail my way, and think less of me, hear me out. Yes, I was in fact a registered republican voter, this much is true. I have never voted for a republican candidate in my life, nor do I think I ever will. So why was I a registered voter for that horrible party then? Pretty simple actually…

Some of you may know that I’m not as white as I may seem. Yes, my skin is white, and I act like your average white guy, but my upbringing and family isn’t that way. My mother’s side of the family is cuban. In fact, my mother was born in Cuba, and me and my sister were part of the first generation from that family to be born on american soil. It’s true, as unlikely as it may seem. This isn’t a fact that I hide, because I do take some pride in the fact that I come from a family of immigrants who made something of themselves, even though they had to start with a clean slate, and had nobody to hand them anything. In fact, I’m extremely proud of that fact. None of my relatives had anything handed to them. They came here with nothing, and everything they have was earned. That’s probably why I’m not the kind of person who asks for help often, if ever.

Anyway, yeah I come from a cuban family. On my 18th birthday, my grandmother who I lived with at the time, filled out a voter registration card for me. At that point in my life I didn’t give a crap about politics. In fact, until just over a year ago I didn’t care. I think when you pass 30 years of age that something clicks in your head where you think “Uh oh, there’s shit that affects my future going on in Washington D.C. that I’d better pay attention to, if I don’t want to eat cat food when I’m elderly.” So anyway, I signed the card without even looking at it. It registered me as a republican, and in her defense, even if I had read it, I wouldn’t have cared. When I was 18 I had no idea what the difference was between the 2 parties. I knew that Reagan was a republican, and he was okay with me, and I knew Clinton was a democrat, and I liked him. So, I was indifferent. When I actually found out that I was a republican, I asked my grandmother why, and she told me because our family is republican. It has something to do with republicans catering to the hispanic community in the 70’s and 80’s, along with Florida being a red state I think. Recently, with the Arizona law and Rick Scott being the governor of Florida, I think that the republicans relying on the hispanic vote has gone to the wayside.

So last year I took an interest in politics, only because I had spent the previous 10 years bashing organized religion to hell, and I needed something new to make fun of. During this revelation I learned 2 things. The first thing was that I had been living in a cave my whole life as far as politics go, because I knew nothing. The second thing I learned is that republicans are FUCKING EVIL! I mean this as unbiased as I can be without showing an affiliation, but they stand for virtually nothing that I agree with. I would love to be one of those cool people who describes themselves as an independant, or a libertarian, but it’s not true. Almost all of my beliefs and values are left-wing, and I can’t help it. It’s just how I feel.

Here’s some examples of my feelings, and how much of a democrat I am:

Gay marriage, I’m for it. It affects nobody but the parties involved. It’s not the homosexual community’s problem that you don’t want to explain it to your kids, let them marry.

Seperation of church and state, yes please. Religion shouldn’t govern anything, yet it governs seemingly everything. Gay marriage, stem cell research, abortion, etc.

Obviously I am pro choice and pro stem cell research, regardless of what type.

Taxes should be kept the same, if not raised for the top 2%. Your boy George W. Bush dug this economic hole that we’re in, and the people who can afford to help us get out of it should.

Universal healthcare? You bet your sweet ass I’m for it! Call me socialist or anything else that helps you sleep at night, no skin off my teeth. I have health insurance, yet I still believe that all citizens should have it regardless in some form or another.

War should be avoided at all costs, if it isn’t needed. Of course we should defend our nation, but our days of invading countries to install our beliefs into their system should end.

There’s more, but I’m not trying to start a rally. I have to say something else though; pot smokers need to think more. Let me explain, I know that was vague. I’ve heard too many potheads who are usually democratic in their beliefs say that they are all-aboard the Ron Paul bandwagon, just because he’s ok with the legalization of marijuana. You fucking shallow minded tools! There is more to fix in this country than your fear of being charged with a misdemeanor for smoking weed. I’m all for being allowed to have pot, but not at the cost of having a lunatic run our nation and deprive people of health care and more. Read the facts, Google Ron Paul and see what his policies are, because he seems like a psycho to me. I’m fine with smoking pot in secrecy the 5 times a year that I do it, if it means straightening this country out and restoring the sanity.

Sorry for getting political. It’s a topic that I read often, yet try to avoid as far as my writing goes, due to my lack of factual knowledge. Anyway, I thought the fact that I was a registered republican is interesting, so I shared it with you. Thanks for reading.


About malf922

33 year old married guy. I write about whatever is bouncing around this head of mine at any given moment.

12 responses to “I Used to be a Republican”

  1. Thedailycop says :

    This could be a book but I’ll try to be brief.
    Youre extremely proud your family came here with nothing, made it in their own, with no handouts. Great. But you also want healthcare provided by the government for everyone? Seems hypocritical.
    Speaking of universal health care, is it a “right”? If so, what’s the next “right “to be bestowed by the government? Meals? Housing? Cars? Clothes? Ipods for everyone? Who pays for these rights?
    Taxes- everyone should pay the same rate of tax. The rich shouldn’t be burdened with a higher tax rate because they make more money. Or the poorer pay less than their fair share because they make less. Same rate of taxation for everyone.

    • malf922 says :

      If you don’t see the healthcare thing the same way I do, I can understand that. But medical bills are insane, and they should at least be brought down. Of all the horror stories that I’ve heard about european, or even Canadian health care, I’d still rather have a similar system in place over what we have now. “Oh you’re poor, so fuck you and your cancer” isn’t right no matter what.

      As far as taxes go, fuck the rich. They were the ones who elected Bush, and got us started on this debt anyway, so they should help pull us out. If everyone should be taxed equally, then why are religious and non-profit organizations not taxed? I say tax them, and tax them hard. Just because you believe in the invisible man in the sky, and his zombie son Jesus, doesn’t mean that you should be exempt from paying what I do if I want to open up a shop.

  2. Thedailycop says :

    Lighten up, Francis. Churches and religions should be taxed, whether you belive in God, and Allah or L Ron Hubbard.
    Taxes need to be the same rate for everyone. Not higher taxes because of who you think they have voted for.
    Health care-should smokers get free government health care?

    • malf922 says :

      You have a good point with the smokers. I know someone who wants disability because he smoked himself into a bad situation, which I think is horse shit. There would have to be criteria, like the right to be rejected, similar to how health insurance companies handle it. I’m not sure, because I admittedly don’t know much about healthcare. There has to be ways to improve the current situation though.

      I have to disagree about the taxes though. Some people should be taxed more. Maybe not solely income-based reasons, but still. I know cigarette companies pay taxes out the nose, and I think that’s a good start.

  3. thedailycop says :

    What’s the problem with the same “rate” of taxation? You make 20,000 a year, pay 2000 in tax. You make 200,000 a year, pay 20,000 in taxes. Yes, people who make more money WILL be paying higher taxes (gross amount), but the RATE of taxation is the same.
    Other than a feel-good “make the rich pay more” kool aid mantra, why should there be higher and lower tax brackets? If you want different tax brackets for no other reason than you think this is “fair” and it makes you feel good to say so, then say so.

    As for the smokers, why don’t they have the right to choose to smoke? Or drink? Or eat “unhealthy” foods? Or live a lazy lifestyle? Or engage in unsafe sex? Or ride super-fast motorcycles?

    • malf922 says :

      As far as the tax rate goes, I think it would all depend. I’m no politician, nor am I a mathematician, so I don’t know. It just seems to me that the people who complain the most about taxes (we all complain some) are the people who have the most money. While I don’t think penalizing the rich is exactly fair, if anyone can afford to pay a bit more, it would be billionaire business owners. And if it’s so unfair to tax the rich more, and I very well may be way off here, why did the bankers get multi-billion dollar bailouts when their businesses were going under? If this shithole went under, we’d get a pat on the back and a middle finger. I could be wrong though.

      As for the brilliant idea of taxing people who contribute to the problem, such as smoking and drinking, they already do in the form of smoking permits and liquor licenses. In fact, the smoking permit costs somewhere in the six-figure range. So yeah, your idea is a reality.

      As for people who smoke and drink and have health problems, I’m somewhere in the middle. For instance, the mystery man (it’s no mystery) who is diagnosed with copd but continues to smoke can suck a dick if he expects to be taken care of by the government. Where’s the line on these kind of self-inflicted problems? I don’t know, but there should be one somewhere.

      • thedailycop says :

        “I’’m no politician, nor am I a mathematician, so I don’t know.”
        “Where’s the line on these kind of self-inflicted problems? I don’t know, but there should be one somewhere.”

        A lot of IDK’s in your explanations. So are you really so sure that Republicans are evil?

        “and I very well may be way off here, why did the bankers get multi-billion dollar bailouts when their businesses were going under”
        Come on, I know you have at least a few brain cells that can fire in sequence to figure this one out! Bank A gets no bailout, and goes out of business. Boss/Owner/Corporation of Bank A is now unemployed, as is the second in command, and so on, down to the toilet cleaner. Along with those, the businesses that require loans from Bank A, all the customers with checking and savings with Bank A, and so on, will be severely impacted.
        Not that I am for the bailouts, (GM and Chrysler should be footnotes in history by now), but that is simple economics.

      • thedailycop says :

        “As for the brilliant idea of taxing people who contribute to the problem, such as smoking and drinking, they already do in the form of smoking permits and liquor licenses. In fact, the smoking permit costs somewhere in the six-figure range. So yeah, your idea is a reality”

        No, what I meant was YOU get extra taxes taken out of YOUR paycheck, because you work in an industry that promotes unhealthy lifestyles. Instead of paying say, 25-30% tax, you should pay AT LEAST 50% in taxes, to help those suffering from unhealthy lifestyle choices.
        You see, you are smarter than those who smoke and drink. So you need to help those “less fortunate” than you. This can go to their government mandated health care costs. Thanks for your generosity! You see, since you don’t smoke or drink, your health care costs will be less than that of smokers.
        Since you “can afford to pay a bit more”, I am sure you will gladly do so.
        I love Liberalism. It is so fun. I am so happy you taught me that Republicans are evil.

  4. thedailycop says :

    In fact, shouldn’t someone who serves alcohol, in a business that allows and encourages smoking, be classified as part of the problem? Maybe those who serve booze should pay higher taxes, and places that allow smoking should be triple taxed (including the employees who work there) for encouraging and profiting off of unhealthy behavior.

  5. malf922 says :

    Republicans aren’t evil because of their views on taxes. They’re evil because they think that their moral and religious views on gay marriage, stem cell research, and anything else that even comes close to being influenced by the bible should affect laws. I could give a damn what the bible says, if two men want to marry, or if stem cells can help regenerate nerves and cure blindness, then screw religion. Just because some people in this country believe in a book that I think has as much validity as “Green eggs and ham” doesn’t mean that others should have to follow your silly laws.

    And yes, bankers should at least have the money to reimburse people who have money invested in them, hence their insurance. But what about the ones who collected multi-million dollar bonuses during the same period that they were in danger?

    And they day a tax is in place to penalize me for serving alcohol is the day that I finally find a new job. I drink occasionally and will never smoke again. Cigarettes should be outlawed all together as far as I’m concerned, but I know that’s unrealistic and possibly communist. I have very radical views on tobacco and alcohol. Too many people are given a right that not all of them can handle. As a cop I’m sure you’ve come across people who should not be allowed to drink. If this place or others like it were penalized, including employees, I would lose no sleep over it and move on. I’ll support your idea if you support mine. Fuck the rich AND the poison peddlers.

  6. Thedailycop says :

    Hey, I am not a Republican. Your OP kind of made it sound like Republicans are the sole cause of all of this county’s problems. Trust me, Republicans are not 100% evil, and Democrats are not Saviors. They all are part of the problem. The two party system has done more to harm this land then help it.
    The problems are far more complex than gay marriage and stem cell research.

    • malf922 says :

      I can’t say that I disagree. I don’t think that Rebuplicans are 100% evil, although I do think that sometimes they can be evil, and sometimes very stupid.

      I don’t think that Democrats are saviors either, I just see them as the lesser of 2 evils. I tend to agree with their stance far more often.

      I know that the current problems are more complex than stem cell and gay marriage, I was just making examples of how dumb some people can be about things that have clear cut answers in my mind. The 2 party system may in fact be the problem, but whenever a third party enters the mix, you’d just be throwing your vote away if you voted for them. Just ask Ross Perot and Ralph Nader. So for now I just go with the party that I think will fuck up the least.

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