RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 9/18/11 – 9/24/11

End of the week, finally! I had a great birthday, so thanks to everyone who sent well wishes. Other than that it’s been a pretty uneventful week actually. The UFC card last night was decent, and there’s a free one this upcoming Saturday, then a pay per view the following Saturday, and then another one 2 weeks after that. It’s going to be a great few weeks for me! Ok, here’s the “winners”…

Tweet of the Week

@robdelaney said: “It’s like tasty breathing!” – cigarette ad 4 kidz

Picture of the Week (tie)

YouTube Video of the Week

Asshole of the Week

Steven Seagal very well may be the biggest douchebag in a world that’s full of them. Yes, he is an Aikido expert, and a great marksman, these things are true. Outside of that, he is a complete tool.

His movies are horrible, and now he’s trying to give off the impression that he’s some kind of MMA wizard. Even if he did teach Anderson Silva how to throw a front kick, he didn’t get in there and do it. In this following video, you’ll see what I mean about him thinking that he’s an expert. Someone please tell this guy that the last non-scripted fight he won was against Kelly LeBrock back in the 80’s. Watch the interview.

Ariel Helwani interviews Steven Seagal after UFC 135

Person of the Week

Amy Schumer stole the show at the Charlie Sheen roast, which aired Monday. I thought for sure that Anthony Jeselnik or Patrice O’Neal would be the funniest ones on the show, but Schumer was absolutely lethal. After the roast aired, Steve-O, of “Jackass” fame, and others piled on Schumer for this joke:

I know that I always stick up for comedians who catch grief for jokes they made, but come on, it’s a roast! If Steve-O didn’t want anyone making fun of his friend, then turn down the easy paycheck, and don’t attend. You can’t get paid for this and not expect low blows. Plus, Ryan Dunn was a fucking moron. I’d love to say that I wish he hadn’t died while driving drunk, but the fact of the matter is that he could have killed another driver or pedestrian. He didn’t think about that before getting behind the wheel, but since he killed himself stupidly, we’re supposed to martyr him? I think not.

Schumer handled the whole thing perfectly. She delivered her hilarious jokes, and did not apologize. She told people to lighten up, and that they were only jokes. That’s how it’s done people!

That’s it for me today, thanks for reading. One of my friends actually walked up to me and told me that he loves reading my posts. It made my day. I really appreciate the feedback guys! I’m out!


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