There’s Always an Exception

I was talking to a friend of mine last night, and something occurred to me while she was speaking. She mentioned during a conversation that Red Sox pitcher John Lackey is getting a divorce from his wife while she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and said “What an asshole!” afterwards. For all I know she’s right too, Lackey may very well be an asshole for what he’s doing. But I had to ask, what if he isn’t? What if his wife is a vile human being, and not even the struggle of cancer can make him stay with her? What if he’s just had enough of her shit and has to get out? I’m not suggesting anything at all about the example that I made, I’m just stating that you never know.

Before you think I’m repeating what I said in my previous post,, hear me out. This is different.

You see, I’m a firm believer that there’s always exceptions to everything. People get overly sympathetic for other people, and somehow shape it into them being good people. For instance, when someone dies, you can never say “Good, I’m glad they’re dead!” unless it’s someone like Osama Bin Laden. But is that really true? I’m not saying throw a parade when the asshole down the street dies, but haven’t you ever seen someone who the world is better off without? I’ll go back to a well that I’ve drank out of before, and talk about an asshole that’s been brought up on this site in other posts. What about the alcoholic, cocaine addicted, unfaithful deadbeat dad who is on the street drunk out of his mind on a nightly basis? Isn’t the world better off without this piece of shit? If so, then why would I be an asshole to be indifferent when the day comes that he drives into a telephone pole and dies?

Here’s another one; the mentally handicapped. I’m not talking about jokes either. That’s what makes this different from my other post. I’m talking about thoughts in my head about some guy who is slow, but is a severe asshole. I know someone like this. There’s this guy that comes up to where I work on a regular basis. He’s mentally impaired, and he still manages to be a condescending asshole at the same time. He somehow seems to think I’m the retard, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. He always gives me this look like I’m supposed to read his jumbled up mind and spring into action or something. I really can’t explain it without getting personal, and I’d rather not do that. You’re going to have to take my word on him being a prick. Why can’t I think this man is a jerk? Why can’t I say “Fuck that guy!”? Because society deems it improper? Well I say to hell with society.

Last night something else happened that fell into the same category, what a coincidence. A handicapped man in a wheelchair came in, and threw a fit about the building not being completely wheelchair accessible. While I agree with him 100% on the fact that all public places should be as accomodating as possible to people in wheelchairs, I disagree with some of his remarks. He blamed the man in charge at the time who was Pete. He took his problem to Pete, which is fine. But then he made threats about the place breaking some sort of business building code, and how he would have it shut down. Now can I say “Fuck that cripple!”? Why not? If a man in a wheelchair is being a dick, is he not a dick because of the wheelchair? I really don’t see what makes him special. I mean, I see what makes him “special”, just not extraordinary. Sure, life has taken a dump on him, but that doesn’t give him the right to take a dump on everyone else. If that were the case, I would look forward to being crippled. I’d love to verbally abuse people without reprecussion. I’m actually quite talented at verbal abuse, ask anyone!

One more example before I wrap this post up; the military. Jesus, I can hear you guys hissing through my computer monitor, hang on. I admire people who serve our country, for the most part. I have friends who have been to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on. Daily Cop, I still remember meeting you through the lighter you lost, that you got in Desert Storm. I’m not talking about all of the troops, because the ones I know are good people. But there are some bloodthirsty assholes who joined the military just for the opportunity to kill someone for revenge for 9/11, or just for personal amusement. There are other soldiers who strut around like everyone else owes them something. Look, you get paid, you have benefits, and people like me do appreciate what you do. If you think that your tour of duty earns you every meal at a restaraunt comped, or to be treated like a king, then you’re an asshole. While you may deserve many things, the second you’re offended that you aren’t being treated like a hero, you cross the line into asshole land as far as I’m concerned. They’re not all heroes.

Seriously people… You wanna know what makes you exempt from being called an asshole? Not being an asshole! Pretty simple concept really. Don’t be a dick to others, and people won’t think you’re one. I lost the ability to sympathize for people, and give them the benefit of the doubt based solely on their current situation in life a long time ago. An asshole is an asshole. I don’t care about any other details. You can be gravely ill, be metally impaired, or have just died. It doesn’t matter to me. Instead of being “the guy who was paralyzed his whole life and died last night” you’ll still be “the asshole who couldn’t walk, and is now dead” to me. Harsh? Maybe. True? You know it is.


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