RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 9/25/11 – 10/1/11

Man, what a great week! As I write this, I’m still chuckling at some of the jokes Jim Norton told tonight at the Improv. That was the best comedy show that I’ve seen since Louis CK, and one of the best I’ve ever been to, including Chappelle, Gaffigan, Attell, and Schimmel. On top of that, my beloved Rays are doing pretty well for themselves, completing the biggest comeback in September MLB history, thanks to the Red Sox’s choke job of epic proportions. I don’t care how we got there, in the playoffs everyone has a chance. World Series Champion Tampa Bay Rays, let’s make it happen boys! Also, there’s a good chance that there will be a third blog coming to fruition in the near future that would be a group effort. A friend proposed the idea, and there’s no way that I could say no, because it sounds like too much fun. So, hopefully that happens. Ok, here’s the awards…

Tweet of the Week

@AriShaffir said: “Tampa wins, Red Sox lose! All within 4 minutes. Enjoy the offseason in racist ass Boston, idiots. Yes!”

Picture of the Week

YouTube Video of the Week

Asshole of the Week

Don’t get me wrong, I love Conan O’Brien. I always have, and I probably always will. Some assholes of the week are eternal assholes. Others are only assholes for that particular week, and that’s where I put Conan. I know he’s a Harvard graduate, and comes from Boston, so I don’t expect him to be thrilled about the Rays taking the wild card from the Red Sox. But he did take a few shots at Tampa, which I’m not upset about at all, even though it had a LeBron James type “They still have to wake up with their own life problems” vibe to it. He put out these 2 tweets:

” Remember, Red Sox fans, they still have to live in Tampa.” and “I want to apologize to all the people of Tampa for my last tweet. I’m sure Tampa is a fine place to live, if you’re a mosquito.”

I think the small beef that I had with Conan saying these things is that they simply were not funny. In fact, the first one might have been hurtful to more sensitive people. Oh well, what should I expect from a TBS talk show host who had The Tonight Show for less than a year before the most unfunny person on television took it back from him, just because he felt like it. Then Conan goes on to put out a documentary where he’s basically whining the entire time in a “Why me?’ attitude. The man got an 8-figure buyout and he’s crying. Hey Conan, stop being a baby, and GO RAYS!

Person of the Week

As long as the Rays have Joe Maddon, they have a chance to be great. If managers were eligible for the MVP award, this would be the second time at least where he would be a candidate. Don’t get me wrong, Evan Longoria has been captain clutch for the Rays, and he deserves a ton of credit. But Maddon has been nothing short of brilliant down the stretch. He’s just so in-tune with his players, and knows when to stick with a pitcher to let him work out of a jam, and when to put a slumping hitter in the lineup.

If he isn’t already, I believe that Joe Maddon will go down as the greatest head coach/manager in Tampa sports history. I mean there’s Dungy, Gruden, Torterella, and maybe Piniella? Maddon ranks in the top 2, if not at the very top already. I really hope that he gets locked down to a long term Tony LaRussa type deal, because this man will be a legend.

That’s it for me folks. Did you notice a theme for this post? What can I say? I’m a pretty happy sports fan right now. If we somehow win the World Series, I think, no check that, I know that I’ll have some tears of joy. Let’s hope it happens, these guys deserve it.


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  1. malf922 says :

    I just noticed that this was post number 50. Not bad for two months work, and taking years off without writing anything. Just sayin’.

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