Sind Sie bereit für einige Football? (tweet by Rob Delaney)

This past Monday, alleged country singer and performer of the theme song for Monday Night Football, Hank Williams Jr went on a rant on Fox News about President Barack Obama, comparing him to Hitler. Some people found it offensive, including ESPN, who promptly pulled Williams’ song from the intro to the Bucs vs Colts game. First of all, thanks ESPN! That song is horrible, and it always has been. Second of all, how did you expect a country singer from Alabama to feel about a black president? Thirdly, why do we give a shit about a musician’s opinions about politics?

Here’s the interview:

It’s not like this was the first time that a musician has said controversial things regarding politicians either. Remember the always classy Ted Nugent’s remarks about Obama and Hilary Clinton, basically suggesting that they be shot? I do!

Here it is:

And just to be fair, there has been some stupid things said from the left as well. Take the brilliant Kanye West for instance. Remember his comments about George W Bush during a Hurricane Katrina relief effort? Mike Myers looked like he wanted to run off the stage. Even Chris Tucker had a “WTF?” look on his face.

Here you go:

The point of this isn’t about which side I’m on, or who’s right and who’s wrong. The point is that if you want to stop hearing stupid people spout off stupid shit, then stop giving them a microphone. We can’t be outraged when someone goes on a controversial rant, because we gave them that opportunity. Giving Hank Williams Jr a spot on Fox News is like giving a suicidal person a handgun. What did you think was going to happen?


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