RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 10/2/11 – 10/8/11

What’s up? I had a great time last night watching the fights. UFC 136 was the best event of the year thus far, and probably one of the best ever. Other than that, not much happened in the past week, but like they say, “No news is good news.”

I have to thank those of you who wrote in with emails, Facebook, and Twitter sending compliments. I really appreciate the positivity, so thank you! Ok, here they are:

Tweet of the Week

@DanaJGould said: “Palin Not Running. In a related story, a person no one likes announced they didn’t want a job they couldn’t do and wouldn’t get.”

Picture(s) of the Week

YouTube Video of the Week

Asshole of the Week

Ok, it’s not that I’m trying to twist the knife or anything, since Al Davis passed away yesterday. The guy was a jerk though, and I never liked him. I’m merely giving him the honors this week, since I’ll never get the chance to do it again.

He was the craziest, most overbearing owner in football, always personally selecting the first round draft pick himself. If the guy was fast, that’s all that mattered go him. It worked out great with Tim Brown. Alexander Wright and Darrius Heyward-Bey so far, not so much. That’s why owners hire GM’s, because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. I could care less about Davis being a former coach.

And Raiders fans, what douches they are. They get dressed up in all black, how scary. Men who wear makeup and foam shoulder spikes scare nobody. The Chicano gang members outside the stadium do scare me though. Oh yeah Raiders fans, I almost forgot; what the hell does Darth Vader have to do with football?! Every Raiders game I see has one moron in a Darth Vader costume. With all the makeup and black clothes, Raiders games look like the world’s largest viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Person of the Week

Steve Jobs was one of the few billionaire business owners I know of that I never had a problem with. The man was brilliant, developing some of my favorite products like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Apple always seems like the one developer who keeps up with technology, and doesn’t hold anything back. You ever notice how an Apple product will come out, and then a few months later other companies would clone them? iPad came out, then other tablets did. iPhone had FaceTime, then droids did, etc.

I think Jon Stewart said it best when he said something along the lines of “The difference between someone like Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs is that Edison died old, when he did everything he could for the world. We weren’t done with Jobs yet. He had so much more to do.” That’s exactly how I feel about it. I didn’t care that he was loaded, he deserved it. The man was brilliant. I don’t know a whole lot about Steve Jobs the man, but Steve Jobs the developer was possibly the most innovative and imaginative man of our time.

Ok, that’s another week in the books! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned. I have plenty of stuff to ramble on about, so RageLaugh is gonna keep on truckin’! I’m out!


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