Maybe I’m Racist After All

I don’t like racism. Well, I do enjoy racism, but I don’t condone it. Racist people say some things that are so stupid, they’re hilarious. Although unlike other people who act self-righteous about the subject, I understand why some people are racist, I just disagree.

Some of the racial stereotypes are true, but racists paint with such a broad brush that they become false, thus having said racist remain stupid. A lot of black people talk during movies, some Jews are stingy, and many Mexicans take jobs that Americans could have. But the bottom line is, they don’t all do those things. My black friends that I’ve gone to movies with don’t talk any more than my other friends. My one Jewish friend tips better than most people in general, and I don’t have any Mexican friends, so I can’t really vouch for their employment history.

Although what I’ve said so far may in fact seem a little self-righteous, I did realize that I’m a bit racist. My racism isn’t based on hatred, but it’s still a form of racial profiling. For instance, I love Popeye’s chicken. It’s delicious, and so is the rest of their food. But, whenever I go to Popeye’s and don’t see a black person cooking the food, I get disappointed. I immediately think that the white hippie back there has no idea what he’s doing. The same thing happens when I go to Vallartas for Mexican food. I want someone that is Mexican, or at least looks like it.

Think what you will of me, but be honest with yourself. What if you went out for Chinese food, and the person serving you was some redneck? Would you feel confident that your moo shu pork will taste good? If you say yes, well you’re just lying to yourself.

I may be contradicting something that I wrote last month, about your heritage not defining you, but I feel that this is different. I don’t think that Irish people have a higher tolerance to alcohol, but I would prefer to have an Irish person cook me corned beef and cabbage. It’s not just with food either. People say that Asian women are horrible drivers, which may be true. Personally, I feel that all women are bad drivers. See that? I’m sexist too!

In all honesty, the only truly mean stereotype that I have is about Indian people. When I was having some personal problems, I saw a psychiatrist. It’s not nearly as big of a deal as some people may think it is, and I had no qualms with the notion. After seeing two shrinks who were both stubborn and careless, I decided in my own head that it was because they were Indian. So whether it’s true or not, in my mind I feel that Indian psychiatrists are all jerks and pill pushers. Maybe I’m racist after all…


About malf922

33 year old married guy. I write about whatever is bouncing around this head of mine at any given moment.

2 responses to “Maybe I’m Racist After All”

  1. mooselicker says :

    Knew it.

    Let’s face it, races are different because cultures are different. To say that we’re all the same is silly.

  2. mindwarpfx says :

    Nice to see others feel as I do. Celebrate the differences, don’t make a big deal over them I say.

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