I’m Still a Groupie

To this day, my favorite post on this blog is still I used to be a douchebag. I like it because it’s funny to me, and because I’m not attacking anyone, except maybe myself. I’m a firm believer that if you can’t take a joke, you have no business making fun of someone else. Anyway, in the comments, one of my absolute best buds, James, called me a groupie. And I have to admit, I can be a bit of a groupie for certain types of people, mainly comedians and fighters. As far as everyone else goes, I’m rarely star-struck. I’ve seen people like Derek Jeter and John Gruden multiple times, and I honestly couldn’t care less.

The same friend also threw a little shot at me when I joined Facebook, saying that I should be tweeting @somecelebrity instead. I do tweet often, because if I think of something to say, I’m going to share it. Isn’t that what Twitter is for? He was just messing with me, I know that, but he’s right. I do tweet @ some famous people, and they reply pretty often. I’ve exchanged tweets with people like Bas Rutten, Joe Lauzon, Wendy Liebman, Kelly Carlin, and I even got into an argument with a comedian that I don’t care for, Jamie Kilstein.

Anyway, I also listen to a bunch of podcasts, because there’s one for everything. Seriously, if you like talk radio, or comedy, or sports news, or anything else, then podcasts are for you. Some of them read emails on the air, so I sent an email to one of my favorite comedians who has a podcast, and he read it. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast does various segments that are based on listener emails. The one I sent in was for the “Underrated/Overrated” segment, which is exactly what it sounds like. Not only did he read my email, I think he liked it. He paid it quite the compliment near the end, which I thought was pretty cool. (the sound clip doesn’t show up on mobile phones that have no flash player, sorry)

It’s not like the email was brilliant either. I just thought of the topic on a whim, and sent it in from my phone. Bill is such a funny guy, and knows how to polish a turd so well that he made it funny, so I appreciate that. Also, the part where he got confused, and said “What?” was where I made a vague reference to homosexuality. I was saying that it can affect your social standing, and ability to get a job, but I didn’t specify. That was my fault.

Anyway, since I felt the need to dedicate an entire post to my 5 minutes of personal glory, I might as well refer you guys to some great podcasts.

WTF with Marc Maron

This is the only podcast that I enjoy more than Bill Burr’s. Marc Maron is a comedian who’s been around for a long time, and knows a bunch of other comics. He’s just a normal guy really, and has his own checkered past with drugs, alcohol, and failed marriage. He interviews guests (usually other comics) in his garage, and it’s sometimes hilarious, but always interesting. He’s had people like Louis CK, Dane Cook, Conan O’Brien, Jim Norton, and Jim Gaffigan on his show. He’s even had people like Bryan Cranston, John Hamm, and Henry Rollins on it as well. He has a free app out for iPhone and Android that streams recent episodes for free, and I strongly suggest that you at least give it a chance, because I don’t think it will disappoint. If you like it, let me know and I’ll hook you up with older episodes that you would have to pay to get. Also, his newest album, This Has to be Funny, is friggin’ hilarious.

The Adam Carolla Show

If you liked the old Love Line radio show when Carolla was on it, then you’ll love his podcast. It’s the exact same humor, but uncensored. He does like 5 episodes a week, and it’s always entertaining. He has guests on too, who basically just join in on the fun. Last week he had Dave Attell on, and it was very funny. This is almost always in the Top 3 on iTunes’ comedy podcasts rankings, and for good reason.

The Joe Rogan Experience

If you’re going to call me a groupie, then you have to mention that I’m a Joe Rogan groupie. He’s the best color commentator in MMA (actually in all of sports if you ask me), he’s a hilarious comedian, and he’s just an overall cool dude. His podcast is a long one, usually running around 2 1/2 hours, which is about how long he’s high for. Yes, he gets really baked, then starts the show. His friend Brian Redban joins him on the show, usually with a guest. Any time that Bryan Callen or Ari Shaffir are a guest on the show, it is unmissable for me. The conversations they have are always great. Sometimes they have serious conversations, which are also very interesting.

The MMA Hour

I love MMA, and this show is perfect for someone like me. It’s hosted by Ariel Helwani, who is the best MMA journalist there is, hands down. Being the best means that he has the best guests on the show. He’s had pretty much any fighter or MMA person you can think of on the show, Dana White included. Ironically, the show usually runs around 2 1/2 hours, even though the title would suggest otherwise.

Well, those are the ones that I listen to the most. I listen to a couple of other ones every now and then, but there’s too many good ones out there, so I can’t listen to them all. It’s great, because you can listen to a podcast anywhere, in the car, at work, or in your living room. As a matter of fact, they came in very handy on my recent trip to Minnesota. The plane rides were over in no time thanks to podcasts.

Whatever you’re into, chances are there’s a podcast for you. Millions of people listen to them, but millions more should.


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