RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 11/6/11 – 11/12/11

Hey gang, what’s going on? Yeah, same here, not a damn thing. I’m just glad that this week is over with, because I could use a day off from the grind. Listen to me, “the grind,” what a baby I am. Don’t feel sorry for me, because I don’t work hard. Anything that isn’t me laying on the couch, with my hand down my boxers is a grind to me. Let’s hand out some motherfucking awards!

Here are the victims:

Tweet of the Week

@JimNorton said: “If someone tells a racist joke, people focus on the word racist instead of the word joke.

Jim Norton is the first multiple winner of the Tweet Award, but he won’t be the last.

Picture of the Week

If I have a daughter, and find Avery or Miles under her bed, I will lose my shit. You’ve been warned, dads.

Stand-up Comedy Clip of the Week

YouTube Video of the Week

Some of you have probably seen this video before, because it’s not new. It is hilarious though, and I watched it again recently, and I think anyone who hasn’t seen it should. Also, the guy Louis is talking to is Bobby Cannavale. He’s a broadway actor, and I just saw him a couple of weeks ago in the movie Win Win, and him and Paul Giamatti were great in it. That movie gets my seal of approval.

Asshole of the Week

So let me get this straight; one of your coaches is fucking little boys. One day, he’s molesting little kids in the shower at your school, and one of your other coaches walks in while it’s going on, and reports it to the head coach. The head coach proceeds to report it to the athletic director, who does not report child rape to the police, and neither the head coach nor the coach who witnessed the event decide to take it upon themselves to report it. When the rest of the world finds out about this, everyone who had knowledge of this event is fired, and the students riot?!

I swear I wrote something recently about people looking at someone’s talents and accomplishments, and mistaking them for them being a good person, and not a person who is good at something. I don’t give a flying fuck about how great of a coach Joe Paterno was, or how long he’s been at Penn State. He had knowledge of at least one child rape, and stayed quiet about it to save his own skin. The sad thing is, these were college kids who rioted. College kids! They go to school! They’re the “smart ones.” If that’s how our best and brightest react to something like this, then we are all royally fucked.

Person of the Week

I love Coach K, I really do. One thing that I’ve always wanted to know is how the hell “Krzyzewski” is pronounced “shesheski” though. Either way, he’s the best damn coach that I’ve ever seen in any sport, ever.

Coach K tied Bobby Knight for most all-time wins in NCAA division 1 basketball history. He’s going to break that record, and will probably end up setting a mark that nobody will touch for a long time. You know what? Good! A lot of people hate Duke basketball, but I’m not one of them. That school does it right, and Coach K is the reason why. Kudos to him.

Ok, that is all for me this week. If you haven’t checked out my posts this week, you should. I think the mix of funny to angry was pretty even. I love writing funny stuff, but I only do it if I think it’s truly funny. I don’t like bombing. Anyway, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more.


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33 year old married guy. I write about whatever is bouncing around this head of mine at any given moment.

3 responses to “RageLaugh.com Weekly Awards 11/6/11 – 11/12/11”

  1. mooselicker says :

    That whole Penn State thing is all I hear about up here. It’s amazing how Penn State alumnis try to defend Joe Paterno. Kind of like how people still defend Michael Jackson.

    I would sell out every teacher and coach I’ve ever had in a heart beat if they didn’t do more to stop a situation like that. Except maybe Mr. Wintermute. He let me pitch a lot and bat clean-up. Tony LaRussa stole his shtick.

  2. MervinMous says :

    Lol if you find Avery anywhere near your daughter at 3am he’s gonna need a ride to the hospital because his momma is gonna beat his ass.

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