RageLaugh Weekly Awards 11/20/11 – 11/26/11

Hello people, how are you? I always suck at the beginning of these things, sorry. If anyone has a good opening for me, I’m all ears. In the meantime, it’s going to be awkward.

This week has been building up to the huge upcoming week in your humble narrator’s life. We’re moving into a new house this week, and there may be a few more big changes in the near future as well. Things are looking up, life is good, no complaints here.

Alright freaks, here are the winners:

Tweet of the Week

@MiguelTorresMMA said: “I think girls from the hood would make awesome wizards cause they are always waving their hands around when they talk.”

Picture of the Week

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. Yes, this is crude and vulgar, but guess what? The proceeds go to cancer research. Doug Stanhope sells these “cunt cancer awareness” shirts on his website, and gives the proceeds to cancer research, so it is a good cause. His slogan is “Take the pink out of the stink.” I think I’ll buy one, and when someone calls me an asshole, I’ll say “How much did you donate for cancer?”

YouTube Video of the Week

This should technically be in next week’s awards, but I feel like I should strike while the iron is hot. As most of you know, Plaxico Burress served time in prison, because his gun that he was carrying illegally went off in a nightclub, and he shot himself in the leg. Here’s Stevie Johnson’s touchdown celebration, after scoring against Burress’ Jets.

Stand-up Comedy Clip of the Week

I don’t care how true or untrue this is, Jim Jefferies is one funny dude.

Asshole of the Week

I was really big on Ndamukong Suh for a while. He’s such a great talent, and I was convinced that all of his unnecessary roughness penalties were just because he plays really hard. I even picked him to be Defensive Player of the Year this year, in our little predictions pool that we do here at work. I think I’m fed up with him though.

Here’s what he did on Thanksgiving, that put me over the edge:

Suh is not too passionate, or too aggressive. He’s just a baby, and a fucking asshole. One of these days, he’ll probably go too far, and seriously injure someone. Can you believe that this prick actually said that he wasn’t trying to stomp on someone, and was just trying to get his foot free? I think “Ndamukong” actually translates to “Dickhead.”

Person of the Week

Some people think that Jay Glazer is a bit douchey, because he’s always hanging out with MMA fighters, and NFL superstars. I never felt that way about him, and I actually like him. He’s good at his job of giving breaking news in football, and I always see him in the crowd at UFC events. Why would I hate someone who has the same interests as me? Given the opportunity, I’d be at every UFC event too.

Jay spent this Thanksgiving with troops in Korea, away from his wife and kids. He took MMA fighter Benson Henderson, along with Henderson’s mother, for the trip as well. Henderson’s mother is actually from South Korea, and hadn’t been there since she moved to the US.

I believe that some people do things like this for attention, but I don’t get that vibe from Glazer at all. Some people do nice things because they’re actually nice people. Baffling, I know. Anyway, I respect people who do things like serve food to the homeless on holidays, visit troops, adopt animals at shelters, etc. Some people want attention, and some people want to help. If you want to help, then you’re alright in my book.

That’s it for me this week. We’re going to the doctor tomorrow for another checkup. Does that mean another entry in The Baby Chronicles? Well, I do have an amusing story to tell about my pregnant wife already, so I might have a nice, long story to tell soon. Stay tuned!


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