The Swan

I’m a big guy, always have been. When I was young, I was very skinny, but I’ve always been tall. These days, I’m a little over 6’4″ and around 260 pounds. Like I said, I’m a big guy.

I was also very active in my younger years. I’ve always been into sports, and during my younger years, I played sports on a daily basis, in either organized leagues, or out on the street with my friends. When it got too dark, or if it was raining, I was indoors, playing sports-based video games. As my sister puts it, I had a permanent ring of dirt around my neck.

In my early twenties, I dislocated my shoulder playing football with my friends. Shortly after that, I dislocated it again. I had to have surgery on my shoulder, to repair a ligament that was torn, due to the dislocations. After surgery, I foolishly tried playing football again, before it had fully healed. Of course, I dislocated my shoulder again. After about a dozen dislocations, I had to have a second surgery on the shoulder.

When it became obvious that my shoulder was permanently screwed, I stopped playing sports. I had a couple years where I was playing paintball on a weekly basis, but other than that, there wasn’t much physical activity that I was doing.

During my twenties, my weight hovered around 205 to 215 pounds, without me putting any effort into staying healthy. Shortly after I turned thirty years old, the pounds began piling on. If I was in the gym constantly, my weight was fine, but after I quit going, the weight shot up to where I am today.

After moving into our new house, I decided that since we live in a nice big neighborhood, with decent scenery, that I would start riding a bike daily. When the weather warms back up, I’m going to start doing laps in my pool nightly. Even if it’s a struggle to lose the pounds, I think being active is important. I can’t get motivated to spend tons of money on a gym membership, and I didn’t really enjoy lifting weights that much either. Bike riding and swimming sounds fun though.

I downloaded a few apps for the iPhone that log your daily food intake, and also take your exercise into account. The apps I have then give you a regimen, and a period of time to reach your desired goals. The way it looks to me, I don’t even have to go on a strict diet to get back in shape. I basically just need to not eat disgusting food like McDonald’s all the time, and make sure that I exercise often. I’m not great at diets, but my eating habits aren’t horrible either, so I should be fine.

I’m not going to be like some people, and post shirtless pictures of myself through the process. I mean, I will have the pictures, but they are for me. If I undergo a swan-like transformation, then maybe I’ll post a picture of how disgusting I am now, compared to my end goal. For now, numbers will have to do.

12/10/11 – 260 lbs, 40 waist.

Let’s do this….


About malf922

33 year old married guy. I write about whatever is bouncing around this head of mine at any given moment.

6 responses to “The Swan”

  1. Lily says :

    Some times the apps are just depressing. The ones that calculate your caloric intake are helpful yet disturbing. There’s one that lists fast food restaurants and how many calories are in everything. My husband ate a 2,000 calorie burger from Chilis. Yikes.

  2. Erick Bertram (@Rahzel619) says :

    Good luck. Make sure to stop by some time on your bike rides.

  3. MervinMous says :

    Good luck! And I mean that whole heartedly. From personal experience, your will is going to be tested several times throughout Liz’s pregnancy, but I have more faith that you can stay stronger than I would in your position. Keep us posted.

    • malf922 says :

      I don’t think I’ll be too tempted actually. If I ride my bike for an hour, I’m allowed 3,000 calories for the day. That’s more than I’d even want to eat.

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